Architect/Urban Planner

Professional History

Rasem Badran who graduated in Architecture from the Former West Germany in the late sixties, inherited and Steamed his talent from his father, a well-known Islamic Artist in the Middle East. Rasem was gifted in the ability of utilizing his inherited skills with the modern science of Architecture to breath life into the long forgotten Islamic Rich Architecture. For this, he is recognized in the Middle East as the Reference Encyclopediaof Modern Islamic Architecture. His magnificent achievements are very much evident throughout the Middle East, and well recognized worldwide.During his study in Germany he was very active and futuristic in his design approach. Some of his study projects have been published in the late sixties in Europe. In early seventies hewas involved professionally in many prestigious projects in West Germany such as Munich Olympic Stadium Complex and others before he coming back to Jordan to explore the hidden values of the local culture. Badran’s works are based on a methodological approach in defining Architecture as a continuous dialogue betweencontemporary needs and historical inherited cultural values. 1979 Founding partner Dar Al-Omran

International and Regional Recognition

In recognition of Badran’s contribution to Architecture related to local heritage of different regions, MIT and Harvard University have accepted post graduate students to submit researches on Badran’s work, for their Master’s and PHD degrees .Elected as permanent member in the Academic Council for the international Academy of Architecture (I.A.A) in Sophia, to replace Hassan Fathi (passed away) Candidacy to chair position as a professor for architecture,

urban design and landscape – for Muslims Society at Harvard University Received the Honorary PHD in Architectural Design from the University of Science and Technology in Jordan for his advancement of Architectural Theory & Practice.

2007 Member of Great Amman Municipality Council.

Architectural Awards

1997 Palestine Award for Architecture.

1997 Arabic Architect first prize-of Arab Housing Ministers Sponsored by Arab League/Cairo.

1995 The Aga Khan Award for Architecture, received for the design of the Grand Mosque of Riyadh and redevelopment of Riyadh Old City Center.

1990 Arab Architecture Award received in Morocco at the general conference of the Arab City Organization.

2007 “Al-Hussein Order for Distinguished contribution of the first degree” For his great distinguished efforts in enrichment of modern Islamic architecture

International Competitions

He won several international and regional competitions.

Following is a very short list of some of the most

important Projects:

Won the first prize in the Court Complex – Abu Dhabi.

Won the first prize in Shamyeh Real Estate Development competition.

Winner of the Qatar Islamic Arts Museum international competition in Doha-Qatar.

This competition was/ sponsored/by the Agha Khan Geneve office in cooperation with Qatar state government.

Sidon Sea Front development Competition/Lebanon (First). King Abdulaziz Mosque in Al Kharj/Saudi Arabia for Arriyadh

Development Authority (First).

Darat Al Malik Abdulaziz upgrading

King Abdulaziz Mosque, Renovation of Murabba’a Palace, Museum for Arriyadh Development Authority.

The “Royal Academy of Islamic Research (Al-Albeit)”-Amman, Jordan (First).

“Al Masjed Al Jame’ State Mosque and Kaser Al- Hokm” Ruler

Palace sponsord by Al-Riyadh Development Authority (ADA)- Saudi Arabia (First).

“Jame’ Ali Bin Abi Taleb” mosque for the Awqaf. Doha/Qatar (first).

The “State Mosque of Baghdad”/Baghdad-Iraq (60,000MS) (First).

Residential and Commercial Complex” in Riyadh – Saudi

Arabia for Al -Riyadh Development Company (150,000MS) (1st prize). (Along side with other architects).

National Archeological Museum of Amman – Jordan (1st prize)(Along side with other architects).

Winner of the “Science and Space Complex” (The Science Oasis) for Al-Riyadh Development Authority (ADA). (Along side with other architects).

Won the first prize (Elementa 72) in the international competition for the design of limited income housing,sponsored by the Ministry of Housing in Bonn. West Germany.(Along side with other architects).


International Cultural Activities

Foreign Ministry Exhibition 8/4 – 5/5/2005 / IFA Exhibition Berlin

6/4 – 6/6/2005 / IFA Stuttgart Exhibition 17/6 – 14/8/2005 /

University Stuttgart Exhibition 28/10/-10/11/2005 / Darmstadt

University Exhibition 23/11 – 15/12/2005 – still active in

Germany. Newly released his first book under the title of: “The Architecture of RASEM BADRAN

The Narratives on People and Place “ Author : James Steele , U.S.A

James Steele won the first prize for the book “Interarch Silver Medal Sofia – Bulgaria”Publisher : T&H, Thames & Hudson

Publication: a wide range of many worldwide international and regional publications

Cultural Activities: Participation, interview, lecturing … etc.

since 1969- till now and a member in regional and international jury activities such as:

2007 Design advisory board member in the Dubai International Design (for Moutamarat).

2006 Member of the Dubai Municipality International Award the best performance.

2003 Member of the International Jury of the Arcasia Award for Architecture 2003, which was held in Dhaka – Bangladesh from Dec. 7-9, for build environment which covers more than 12 Asian countries (Japan, India, China, …. etc)

1998 Member of the International Master Jury of the 1989 Agha Khan Award for Islamic Architecture. 1992 Member of the International Jury of the Jamaican General Governor Award of Architecture, Kingston – Jamaica.

1985 Member of the Master Jury committee for the Arab Town Organization prizes (A.T.O).

1981 Member of International Jury for planning and urban development in the old area of “Bab-AL-Sheikh” in Baghdad – Iraq (250,000,000 U.S Dollars).

1992 & 82 Participation in the Biennale de Venice International Exhibition – Venice, Italy under the theme “the Sacred places in contemporary architecture”. (1992 and 1982).