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designed by arch. Georgi Stoilov


(Solar City)

1. The 21st century is the century of rational super technologies in architecture. This applies to structures, electric and heating systems, communications, balance of territory and so on.

2. This is an occasion to make a project ECOSKYTOWER URBIA (Solar City), height 1500 m. with a diameter of 250 m.
3. The project is for 224 000 inhabitants, with housing, hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, facilities for recreation, ie the whole human lifecycle distributed in the 8 storey vertical blocks.
4. In the terrain between the blocks are distributed gardens with fruit trees, vegetables and strawberries, sports, commerce and entertainment.
5. The construction of the building is made of reinforced concrete, brand 1500
6. The heating, lighting and energetics are based on electricity, produced by 3 eternal sources:
– Wind generator
– Solar panels
– Water, decomposed to hydrogen and oxygen
7. Water supply and sanitation are on natural laws.

8. All this ensures the object with constant day-and-night temperature and the opportunity to place the tower in all conditions from the North Pole to the central area and the deserts on the planet.
The tower can accomodate 224,000 people – a small town with all the functional units of life in new standards and new technologies.
This means that for the next 30 years will be needed for the new three billion people, if built on the old model 10-storey two-section apartment buildings for 120 people, 25 million buildings, which will require billions m2 terrain. This leads experts to think about construction on water or under water, which is problematic. They haven’t thought about building up solar cities in the air.
Solar cities will be smarter cities with higher intelligence and ethics of citizens.
ECOSKYTOWER URBIA is a new model of ecology, design and construction for sustainable development of society. It requires new way of organization and realization of construction on a state level. The project shows that as material resources are needed building materials of a new type of high efficiency that already exist (eg concrete, brand 1500).

It’s necessary:

1. New way of thinking on how to live and construction for sustainable development.
2. Concentration of financial resources on a large scale under state control.
3. A new type of urban development with environmental content.
4. Corporate organization of the construction process in the new scale.
5. High ecological public morality for a NEW SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL WORLD.